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  • CNC | MCCB-Molded Case Circuit Breaker YCM8 Series
    CNC Electric has developed a range of molded case circuit breakers that cater to different current ratings and application requirements as the YCM8 Series which features as: 1. Wide Current Range: The new MCCB series is designed to cover a wide range of current ratings, starting from lower value...
    The Pakistan Sustainability Week is an annual event that focuses on promoting sustainability practices and initiatives in Pakistan. It serves as a platform for bringing together individuals, organizations, government entities, and experts from various sectors to discuss and showcase sustainable ...
  • CNC | The Middle East and Africa’s most comprehensive energy exhibition
    One significant energy exhibition in the region is the Middle East Electricity (MEE) exhibition, which takes place annually in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. MEE focuses on the power, lighting, renewable energy, and energy storage sectors, attracting exhibitors and visitors from around the world. ...
  • CNC | New AC Contactor with Current Range Optional 6-16A and 120-630A
    The CJX2s series AC power contactors from CNC Electric are designed to provide reliable switching and control of AC power circuits in various industrial and commercial applications. They come in two different versions with different current ranges to cater to different power requirements. The f...
  • CNC | Modular Din Rail Products
    Perfect Reliable Choice Modular DIN rail products refer to a wide range of electrical and electronic devices that are designed to be mounted on a DIN rail. DIN rails are standardized metal rails used in electrical enclosures to provide a convenient and organized way to mount and install various ...