Dual-power Automatic Transfer Switch
YCS1 Dual-power Automatic Transfer Switch
YCS1 Dual-power Automatic Transfer Switch
YCS1 Dual-power Automatic Transfer Switch
YCS1 Dual-power Automatic Transfer Switch
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YCS1 automatic transfer switch (ATSE) is set the switches and control logic integrated without additional cont「oller, achieve integration of automatic electro mechanical switch, voltage detection, frequency detection, communication interface, electrical, mechanical inte「locking functions, automatic, electric remoteemergency manual cont「ol.

2. This is the logical control panel from various logical order to manage the machines, operate with the gearbox to achieve, switching spring motor storage, instantaneous release of the acceleration, rapid access to sub circuit or circuits conversion, it is obvious by the state security confinement, greatly improved the performance of various electrical and mechanical properties.

3. YCS1 switches overall design for the metal shell, compact solid. YCS1 switches, control of some of the mental shell , the shell sw itching components used fiberglass unsaturated polyester resin man ufacturing, with a strong dielectric

Properties, protection and reliability of the operational safety.

4. Switch power supply system applicable to changeover the main powersupply and

backup power supply automatically or two sets load equipment and safety

isolation automatically.

5. Switch appearance is beautiful, creative, simple, and small size. The entire function

is an ideal choice in different occasions


YCS1 series automatic transfer switch is applicabled in ACSOHZ, rated voltage of 380V, rated voltage of 220V DC, and distribution the rated current from 16A to 3200A, in moto「n etwork, there is a primary and standby power, or as the utility to generator in loading changeover. At the meanwhile, it used to insulate inunfrequent connection break circuit as the standby power.

This products are widely used in hospitals, banks, high rise architecture and so on, which are very important place disallow the failure to supply, dist「ibution and

automaticion system.

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