AC Contactor
CJX2-E AC Contactor
CJX2-E AC Contactor
CJX2-E AC Contactor
CJX2-E AC Contactor
CJX2-E AC Contactor
CJX2-E AC Contactor
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Scope of application

CJX2 E series AC Contactor (contacto「for short}, is mainly used in circuit of AC 50Hz of 60Hz, rated voltage to 660v and below, DC voltage to 220v and below, orin circuit of AC-3 type, 380V operating voltage, rated current to 9A.


Nonmal working and installation conditions

  1. Ambient temperature: 5°C~+40℃,the average temperature is no more than +35°Cwithin 24 hours;

  2. Altitude: <2000m;

  3. Atmosphere conditions: when the temperature is +40℃,the relative atmosphere humidity is no more than 50%,it can be high in low temperature, the average minimum temperature in the wettest month is no more than +25°C and the average maximum temperature is no more than 90%.The rime that are variable with the temperature change on the products should be taken into consideration;

  4. Pollution degree: Grade 3.

  5. Installation type: m type.

  6. Installation condition: the gradient between installation surface and vertical surface is more than ±5。;

  7. Impact vibration: The products must be installed and in the place with no obvious shake, impact and vibrate.

Structure feature

  1. The products are assembled in plastic clips, which can make full use of the elasticity of the plastic. This is no need for screw and special tools for dismounting, serving the purpose of labor saving, time saving and material saving.

  2. The products are direct-acting moving structure. The counter- force elasticity is pagoda-shaped. Its acting characteristic is reliable. Mechanism is flexible. TheProduct is compact designed. All of the features make it inaccessible to the clutterand dust. The moving part of the terminal has shroud, making it impossible for people to touch the field with electricity and safe to use. The product iscomplying with the electric standards. The product is mini in dimension. It is stalled in the standard 35mm DIN with screw-fixed or clip-fastened, making iteasy to dismount in a short time.

  3. The contacts are all double breaking bridging ones. They are made of silver-base alloy which are superior in function, wear resisting and long lived. The arching chamber is sealed and made of anti-flaming material, preventing the arcing splashing outside and protecting human and adjacent electric equipment’ ssafety.

  4. Magnetic system for this product is the reliable E shaped iron core with low loss, low noise and high mechanical strength. Coil terminal A 1, A2, voltage specifications are expressed clearly, which makes wiring easier.

  5. Auxiliary contacts with modulus, building-block structure could be assembled flexibly to use.

Technical Parameters

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