AC Contactor
CJX7 AC Contactor
CJX7 AC Contactor
CJX7 AC Contactor
CJX7 AC Contactor
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CJX7-9~300 AC contactor(hereafter refer to as contactor) is mainly used in power system with AC SOHz (or 60Hz), the rated working voltage up to 660V, under the application category of AC-3, when the rated working voltage 380V, the rated operating current to 300A electrical, for the long-distance range making and breaking the electric circuit, and combines the magnetism starter with the suitable thermal overload relay or the electronic protector to protect against the possible overload electric circuit during operation(running).


Main Structure and Working Principle

  1. The structure of the contactor is the positive mounted straight action type double break dots, cover and the body are made by the arc proof plastic, CJX7 9~16 uses the auto extinguishing of arc, but CJX7-26~110 has ”U" shape the extinguishing of arc piece in the body to form the seal explosion chamber. The extinguishing of arc is good, the arc over distance is zero. The contact is made by the anti-fusion welding and bears the silver base alloy material wear electricity with good electric conductivity, long life, does not have the pollution to the environment. The ferrite core has ”E" shape structure, small vloume. There are two kinds of coil wiring ways for the user choice, one is the two terminals in the identical end of the product; other is the two terminals in the product。 。s beginnings and ends, the wiring is flexible and convenient. The base is made by the glass fiber reinforced plastics with high intensity, good dielectric properties. The installation way can be the bolt, also may use the guide rail installment. The idsassemble and assemble are very convenient and rapid. The electric conduction part does not appear externally, the security performance is good.

  2. The working principle of contactor: control power source of making (breaking) contactor pullin coil, magnetism system produces (vanishes) electromagnetism suction to drive the moving part making and (breaking) circuit through then, realize the goal of control.

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