Thermal Relay
JRS1 Thermal Relay
JRS1 Thermal Relay
JRS1 Thermal Relay
JRS1 Thermal Relay
JRS1 Thermal Relay
JRS1 Thermal Relay
JRS1 Thermal Relay
JRS1 Thermal Relay
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JRS1 series thermal overload relay are suitable for overload and phase failure protection of AC motors with frequency of 50/60Hz,voltage up to 690v, curent up to 0.1 80A under 8 hours duty or uninterrupted duty. Functions provided by these relays, are phase failure protection, ON/OFF indication, temperature compensation, and manual/automatic reset. Applicable Standards: National Standard: GB 14048. International Standard: IEC 60947 4 1 The relays can be mounted onto contactors or installed as single units.

Operating conditions

  1. The altitude couldn't exceed 2000m.

  2. Ambient temperature: -5°C~+55°C and the average temperature no more than+35°Cin 24 hours.

  3. Atmosphere: Comparative humidity no more than 50% at max +40?, and it maybe higherat a lower temperature. The lowest average temperature no more than+20 in the wettest month. The maximum average comparative humidity of thismonth couldn't exceed 90%, The change of temperature leading to dew on theProduct must be considered.

  4. Class of pollution: Class 3 .

  5. The slope between installation surface and vertical surface couldn't exceed ±5。.

  6. Keeping away from explosive, corrosive and electric atomy.

  7. Keeping dry.

  8. The product should be used and installed at certain place without any shock,vibration etc.

Technical Parameters

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